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Minimum Standards for Tenants

We look forward to helping you find the perfect property to call your home and provide you with the following useful pre-tenancy information.

Rental Listings

All current property listings are updated regularly and can be viewed online or a list collected in person from the office.

Arranging Inspections

We would recommend that you first drive past the property(s) you are interested in to ascertain their suitability to meet with your needs – i.e.: location, amenities, neighborhood. Once you are confident that the property may be suitable from your drive-by inspection, please contact our office to arrange a suitable time for an inspection. We further request that you do not approach tenanted properties for private inspections. Due to privacy issues we do not hand out any keys to our rental properties and will work with any prospective tenants to arrange an inspection.

Inspections of Listed Properties

Property inspections are by appointment only and are scheduled and conducted according to demand on a daily/weekly basis by our Property Manager. The Property Manager will work with you to find a suitable time for both the prospective tenant and landlord to view the property.

Application Forms

After viewing a property by doing a drive by and then by doing a personal inspection, each adult applicant wishing to occupy the property is required to fill out a Tenancy Application Form. Our application form requires two references (must not be family members) and requests details relating to any rental history you may have had in the last five years. Your employment history and personal details such as date of birth, full name, current address, email, phone numbers and driver’s licence are also application requirements. Rental Application forms can be obtained online under the Rent Tab called “Rental Application” or by visiting or contacting our office.

Once applications have been processed with supplied information validated and references checked; applicant information is then passed onto the relevant Property Owner (landlord) to make a final decision. This process generally takes between 3-4 working days providing correct information is given and contacts / references can be reached.


The personal information contained in each rental application remains private and confidential and is not disclosed to any third party excepting the relevant Property Owner who is responsible for making the final decision on successful applications for his/her property. All unsuccessful applications are then securely destroyed.

Successful Application

Once an application has been approved by the Property Owner, the Property Manager will make contact with the successful applicant to set up a time to go through and sign leases, to pay bond and the first two weeks rent; and to answer any questions.

Unsuccessful Applications

Unsuccessful applications declined on a first property preference will be placed on file until another property has been listed on the application. Where another property is not listed is securely destroyed.

Rental Payments

We have several convenient payment options available to ensure tenant rent is paid on time; and are confident that an easy and reliable method of payment can be selected to meet with your needs. All tenants are given a reference number to quote when they make a bank payment. Alternatively you can pay cash in our office but we do not offer any EFTPOS facilities.

Direct Debit is our preferred rent payment method

  • Simply choose the account you wish to pay from
  • Schedule re-occurring payments or payments for a future date
  • No fees or charges.

Security Bond

We require a bond payment to be made on all properties prior to the commencement of any residential tenancy lease. This bond payment is equivalent to paying 4 weeks rent on properties. Bond payments are forwarded to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) and held in trust for the tenant/s for the duration of their tenancy.

Occupancy / Sub-Letting

Only individuals originally approved to occupy the premises are to reside in the property permanently. If a new tenant wishes to replace any existing tenant, we must be informed prior to the new tenant moving in. Formal permission must be sought from the Property Owner through our office. Responsibility for the tenancy resides with the approved listed tenant/s.

Rental Arrears

In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 S.41, rent is required to be paid and kept paid two (2) weeks in advance at all times.


We strongly recommend that tenants have insurance. It is each individual tenant’s responsibility to insure all personal effects and belongings.

Connections & Services

It is the tenant/s responsibility to arrange for the connection of all services at the commencement of each tenancy and then to arrange disconnection at the end of each tenancy.